Plastic Pollution

What's the problem that Pro Clean Drone is going to solve?

Whole world is drowning into plastic. Plastic pollution threats environment and is one of the major factors of global warming to the extend that it has brought about environment crisis. Garbage collecting or more specifically, collecting plastic or even recycling it properly is a drastic challenge for all countries. A piece of plastic left in nature easily breaks into particles by wind, sunshine or a change of temperature and that’s the reason microplastics are found in every corner of the globe. A great number of animals, land-based ones or even marine animals are killed by plastic. Plastic pollution is threatening life on earth.

Pro Clean Drone

A Big Solution to a World Crisis

The first approach is to reduce the amount of using plastic or disposables.

Secondly it is needed to clear inland oceans, beaches, coasts or even plains and mountains from plastic or other types of dry garbage.

Pro Clean Drone can facilitate waste collecting round the clock specially for remote and inaccessible areas. This technology can be on duty as a sanitary engineer anytime anywhere.


How does Pro-Clean Drone work?

Pro-Clean drone can distinguish dry garbage and plastic and has forceful claws to grab and carry pieces of plastic, the devices has access to an image recognition software which will be tailored according to different types of garbage, especially dry garbage and plastic. The drone will deliver all the items in a designated spot so that all can be picked up by a truck.

Clean Planet 100%

Who is the target market for Pro Clean Drone?

Municipal Waste Management Services

Environmental Organizations

Nature Conservation Organizations



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